The Dialogue:

Meet the team.
People who already know
public speaking is fun.

Kieran Morris

Kieran is a professional musician and vocal coach, with a background in communication, digital media and marketing.

He conducts four choirs for Sing Healthy Choirs, including workplace choirs for Cisco and Softcat. As a senior voice coach at London Speech Workshop, he taught over 140 clients one-to-one, working on accent softening and effective communication skills. These experiences inspired Kieran to combine group learning with public speaking skills, creating the Dialogue courses.

Over the years, Kieran has put his broad range of communication skills to use across a wide range projects, helping arts organisations communicate with their audiences more effectively. His video production company produced work for London Sinfonietta, Wigmore Hall and BCMG, capturing acclaimed musicians, artists and conductors.

He managed a transformative re-brand of classical concert hall St John’s Smith Square, and worked as project lead on a £150k Arts Council project, managing budgetary spend and creating bespoke training content for the four project organisations in Birmingham.

Stephanie Young

Stephanie is a professional writer and performer, with a background in theatre, radio and television.

She is a trained facilitator who has lectured at the University of Ulster and University of East London, and led workshops for over three years in six different prisons across the UK with The Forgiveness Project on how telling a new story can change a person’s life.

A classically-trained singer and actor, apprenticing at the Stratford Shakespearean Festival in Canada, she has sung on BBC4, formed two successful production companies and is the recipient of the Tyrone Guthrie and Peggy Ramsay awards. Her plays and adaptations have been performed across the UK and internationally.

Stephanie specialises in creating dialogue, for both intimate and public conversations, as well as on stage, and in working with all of the beliefs that impact our happiness and that influence our ability to speak with confidence and self-awareness.

“Last week I was trying to practise my long vowels. Coincidentally, I gave a meeting at King’s Cross. There were two teams, mine and the investment team. My boss ran into the investment team coming back from the meeting and this morning he said ‘We’ve got feedback. Your presentations have improved a lot.’ He knows how hard I am working and to get feedback from a different team – for me, this is such a positive.”

– Ben Amenya