The Dialogue:

This is where the fun starts.
People learning together,
how to speak much better.

The Dialogue: Room

Learn in a group – Part One

Two days of exercises, analysis and conversation in which participants explore habits that don’t work and learn ones that do, all as a team.

Become aware of everything you are doing as a speaker and listener. Learn better habits: physically, vocally and mentally. Create, practise and give a speech in pairs and, eventually, to the whole class.

  • Learn what keeps you from feeling confident as a speaker
  • Become aware of verbal fillers, eye contact and posture
  • Learn how to deal with stressful thoughts about speaking
  • Discover the techniques that great speakers use to express themselves
  • Learn how to create and develop a speech
  • Learn how to make any speech interesting
  • Perform your speech in pairs and then to the group

Financing and scholarships available
Ten hours of tuition over two days
Two tutors, eight to twelve participants

The Dialogue: Room

Learn in a group – Part Two

Two-and-a-half hours, once a week, in which graduates of the workshop choose projects to develop with the help of tutors and colleagues.

Deepen the skills you’ve begun to practise in a group. Create content the tutors help you craft and work towards a presentation. Bring communication problems to the table that the tutors and colleagues resolve in the class.

  • Learn how to make your point in meetings
  • Learn and perform a short script with classmates
  • Develop and finesse your own 10-minute speech
  • Practise projecting your voice
  • Learn to feel physically relaxed in front of a room
  • Learn how to make conversation with peers and strangers
  • Embed your learning by practising in and outside the sessions
  • Give a well-rehearsed speech to your friends and peers

Financing and scholarships available
Four 2½-hour workshops over four weeks
Two tutors, limited to eight participants


Who is this course designed for?

The course is for people who would like to feel more confident in how they communicate, day-to-day. We are excited to set the bar high, asking a lot of ourselves and one another, both emotionally and technically. One of our greatest pleasures is working with like-minded participants.

How quickly will I make progress?

The initial process of discovering one’s limiting beliefs is quick. Establishing new habits takes practise. We’ve designed the course to give you everything you need to understand these beliefs and the welcoming space in which to rehearse speaking without them. By the end of ten weeks you will have tried out your new skills in small groups, one-to-one and in front of the whole class. This work is most effective in the supportive and encouraging environment that we enjoy creating. We’ve got your back, all the way.

Who else will be on the course?

We attract people who are excited about gaining confidence, not just as speakers but in all areas of their lives. We have worked with lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, marketers, engineers, composers, linguists, copywriters, programmers, CEOs and civil servants of all ages, races and genders. In your group, you are likely to meet a rich mix, from different backgrounds and professions.

Next steps

“I now feel like anything is possible!”

– Ben Amenya, The Dialogue Room