The Dialogue:

This is virtual fun.
Life in front of a webcam. It’s not bad.
But we make it better.

The Dialogue: Online

Learn in a virtual seminar

A series of short online seminars in which we find things that excite us in a text and teach you how to express them. Everyone has the chance to work with us live, and to access all materials via Google Classroom.

Learn how to find the story within a text. Deconstruct the language, explore emotions and talk about the practicalities of delivery. Receive the text in advance of the session, and use the class materials online.

  • Barack Obama
    Speech extract: 2017 farewell address
  • Jane Austen
    Book extract: Persuasion
  • William Wordsworth
    Poem: Upon Westminster Bridge
  • Jill Bolte Taylor
    TED talk extract: Neuroanatomist

£25 per session
Hour-long group seminar sessions
Two tutors

The Dialogue: Online

Learn in a virtual workshop

A comprehensive course, featuring weekly group and smaller tutorial sessions. Everyone will produce and deliver an original speech, learning how to present their real selves in a virtual meeting.

Learn how to present your authentic self on screen. Improve the way you sound and look online, and gain powerful insights into the impression you make on others. Practise content that you craft with the tutors and work on several group presentation exercises. Bring communication challenges to the sessions that the tutors and colleagues resolve in the class.

  • Learn how to improve the way you sound, look and appear online
  • Learn how simple changes in your set up can make a dramatic difference
  • Develop and finesse your own presentation material
  • Practise speaking with clarity and precision
  • Learn to feel physically relaxed in front of the camera
  • Learn to translate your real-life conversation skills successfully online
  • Embed your learning by practising in and outside the sessions
  • Give a well-rehearsed speech to your friends and peers

Financing and scholarships available
Eight hours of live group sessions and tutorial work over four weeks
Two tutors, eight to twelve participants


What equipment do I need to join in?

You’ll need access to a device with video conferencing capabilities. Ideally, participants will join on a laptop or desktop computer, allowing them to use the online classroom tools alongside the video window. During the sessions, we’ll discuss ways in which you can improve your own setup – exploring options for cameras, microphones and lighting – and give you solutions to some of the most common problems that occur during video calls.

What techniques do you use?

We use in-class interviews, conducted in pairs, as the basis for informal presentations, as well as journalling, role play, audience feedback and improvisation. We ‘check in’ at the beginning of each session to see how people are feeling and leave time for questions at the end. Between sessions, we set projects that participants work on and share during the next session.

What are you going to teach me?

We teach you how to speak with clarity and poise, how to deal with nerves, how to emotionally connect through a screen and how to get the best out of your camera and microphone. We make you conscious of your verbal and physical tics and give you the chance to practise without them. We teach how you to break down a speech and how to use variety in your tone and pace to keep the audience interested. We teach you how to light yourself on camera, how to use multiple devices for video and what kind of tech will enhance the sound and your appearance.

“I recorded a podcast for work on mindfulness and coping with Covid-19 yesterday, and felt very grateful to you. I wanted to thank you for helping turn my voice into an asset.”

– Esther Slattery