Lead with
your voice.

Supportive, community-based learning
that’s going to transform the way
you feel about speaking up.

Our voices say a lot about us

Our heritage, our passion. Our interests, our value. Our sorrow, our joy.

And all that’s revealed without words. Because it’s the way we use our voice that tells our story.

But it’s easy to lose connection. To believe you’ll be misunderstood. Or you’re not good enough.

And in that unconscious split-second, we’re lost. Our self-belief plummets. The way we hold ourselves changes. We’re silent.

We have something to say, but we mumble. Or talk too fast. We’ve already decided they won’t listen.

But you need to know there is another way.

Present company included

The internet will tell you that most of the world find public speaking terrifying. That’s a big market. So you’ll also find a lot of courses there, full of techniques to turn you into a pro overnight.

And yet, you’re already a public speaker. Because unless you’re in the shower, all speaking happens in public – out loud, to another person.

Sure, those technical skills are important. But speaking itself isn’t scary. It can just trigger experiences that didn’t feel good at the time. And those manifest in the body, selling our voices short.

So to become a better speaker, you need to become aware of what you’ve internalised over the years. The uncomfortable presentation, the interview that didn’t work out. The anxiety. These powerful memories affect the way you speak. They provoke physical discomfort.

And because of that, you need a different approach. Becoming a better speaker is a journey. One that starts by un-learning the self-defeating habits you’ve picked up. Because in order for that technical stuff to stick, you need to feel good as you learn.

These experiences are powerful. They affect the way you speak. They even provoke physical discomfort.

So we need a different approach. Because becoming a better speaker is a journey. And if you’re serious about it, it’s going to be a life-changing one. That might be you if you’ve read this far, so here’s Esther talking about her experience with us.

We know the power of learning as a group. The compassionate support, the camaraderie. Our students thrive because they share this intimate work with each other. It’s transformational.

If this speaks to you, we encourage you to join us.

Meet the team

The courses have been designed and developed by Kieran Morris and Stephanie Young. They have been delivering successful workshops together since 2016.

“Thank you so much for the training, the support and warmth. I did a training for about 25 people yesterday and felt relaxed, confident and was able to notice when I was rushing it and pull it back. I was able to notice my feelings and worries without it reflecting in my voice. Thanks to you both and to my wonderful peers.”

– Esther Slattery