The Dialogue:

This is fun for all.
Dialogue graduates meeting to network
and deepen their public speaking skills.

The Dialogue: Club

Keep learning

Monthly gatherings for Dialogue graduates who wish to meet regularly and practise their networking skills in a supportive and casual group.

A regular opportunity for Dialogue graduates to come together and practise their skills in front of an audience of peers. A friendly platform to try out new content, techniques and to meet and network with other likeminded individuals.

  • Perform in front of your peers
  • Receive feedback and advice from tutors and members
  • Network with others that share your passion for speech
  • Practise conversational skills
  • Test your new material in a supportive environment
  • Embrace your takeaway points and keep learning
  • Every performance is a chance to grow and finesse your skills

Memberships from £50 per month
Regular meetings with scheduled speaking slots
Two tutors, open to all Dialogue graduates


Why is the club open to Dialogue graduates only?

Every course and workshop we run fosters self-learning within a supportive and constructive environment. Because of this ethos, we wanted to allow space for graduates of these programmes to come together and meet, making new connections, within group sessions where everyone has a shared understanding and language. This way, we can ensure that everyone receives practical experience in a positive, convivial atmosphere.

How will I become a better communicator?

Our students know through direct experience just what a difference regular practise has upon their delivery. The opportunity to practise speaking in front of others is a core part of our philosophy, because it is this very work that gives you the experience and tools to be a more compelling, confident communicator. This is the environment to try out your material in front of a supportive group of peers, where we all collectively benefit from learning together.

Do I need to speak at every meeting?

We aim to give everyone that wishes to speak the opportunity, but there is no imperative to do so. There is a wealth of experience in the room, and much to learn from watching others speaking, so we encourage everyone to do whatever works best for them. The meetings provide a great opportunity to meet other likeminded individuals and you’ll probably find yourself striking up a number of fascinating conversations.

Next steps

“I thought I was alone in feeling this way, but I now realise everyone has challenging feelings about public speaking!”

– Zeynep Aaydin, The Dialogue Club